DBS applications are now filled in online.

To obtain a DBS form, send your full name and email address to the Registrar of your Region and he will request a form for you which you will fill in and submit online.
It will ask you for 3 forms of ID of which, one must have your current address on it. You then need to send him a scanned copy of those same IDs to the association.
He will be informed by the DBS umbrella body once you have filled in your form and he'll be asked to check it against your IDs. He will then approve and re-submit it for clearance.

You will get an application form straight away normally - a certificate will be sent to your home address (it has been only taking about 2-3 weeks recently after submission) and the Region will be notified.
Within 2 weeks of receiving your paper certificate, you can opt for online disclosure (a letter sent to you with your certificate will explain how).

Please do not hesitate to email your Regional Secretary if you need further information