Covid-19 updates

08/04/21 Covid-19 update Click on HERE for guidance and HERE for supplement

13/03/21 Compliance update click on HERE

18/01/21 Covid-19 update click on HERE

01/12/20 2nd National Lockdown is ending and clubs affiliated to the Amateur Boxing Alliance can reopen from Wednesday 2nd December. For avoidance of doubt please note that there is still no Sparring, Padwork or Partner assisted training allowed. To see the Government Winter Plan please click on HERE

05/11/20 National lockdown until 2nd Dec relates to our Boxing Clubs - for exemptions and outdoor 1:1 training please click on HERE

23/09/20 Covid-19 update click on HERE

10/09/20  Rule of 6 clarification click on HERE

14/07/20 Latest guidance on reopening can be downloaded from HERE

01/06/20 Latest Coronavirus update 01/06/2020 - please click on HERE

17/03/2020 A directive on Coronavirus has been sent to all clubs- please click on HERE 


Amateur Boxing Alliance (England) CIC has been formed to offer an alternative platform for any Amateur Boxing Club who has no interest in what is currently being offered by other Boxing organisations.

    • The Amateur Boxing Alliance is managed by Regional Volunteers and is completely dedicated to the grass roots of Amateur Boxing.
    • An Amateur Boxing Rule book has been produced for the membership.
    • Insurance is in place and the Organisation has been registered with DBS.
    • A very affordable public liability insurance for gyms is also available from the insurers.
    • No rules/articles other than legal requirements will be amended/removed/added without a majority vote from the members.
    • A National Championship structure for all ages/abilities is in progress.
    • Boxers will be able to compete in other governed non-professional combat sports and vice-versa with the understanding that the boxers' cards are updated accordingly by the club e.g.Judo, Karate etc... but not Boxing for other organisations.
    • Amateur Coaches who also hold a professional license can coach and corner their Amateur boxers.
    • A 3 years medical scheme for boxers.
    • Regional Registration process.
    • The point scoring system using the clickers will be used in all tournaments.
    • The wearing of Headguards is mandatory for all Boxers at all championships, tournaments and club shows.
    • Classification for Senior Boxers - Novice, Intermediate and Open Class.
    • Juniors in championships and on club shows will box in single year age groups.
    • Boxers will be able to compete twice in one day in championships where necessary.
    • There will be thirteen senior weight groups incorporating the light middleweight, cruiser weight etc...